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My Favorite Tool To Use With Dubsado

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It’s no secret that my love for Dubsado runs deep. There are SO many tools available to business owners in this CRM but today we’re going over my favorite software to connect to Dubsado to make it even more powerful!

Now, Dubsado can do a heck of a lot on it’s own but it also has the ability to integrate with other software apps that you may be using in your creative small business. Dubsado can connect to Quickbooks or Xero if you use these for accounting. It can also connect to Cloudspot if you use it for your gallery management. But my very favorite app to connect to Dubsado is… Trello. (Be warned: my love for this software runs even deeper. Yes, I realize I’m a nerd.)

Trello is basically a task management app that allows you to organize info and to-do’s in your business. So why connect something like Trello to your CRM?

Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer and you typically shoot 20 weddings per year. Each wedding has it’s own timeline, it’s own date and workflows, it’s own “to-do’s.” It can be hard to manage all the tiny details for each of these big projects. You may be worrying, “have I sent the client gift for my August 3rd wedding?” or “which timelines still need to get done?” This is where a task management app like Trello can be a game changer. It will organize all of the various tasks and steps that go into each wedding (giving you back your sanity in the process.)

Trello and Dubsado don’t integrate natively, which means you’ll need a tool called Zapier to get these to softwares talking to each other.¬†Zapier is an integration software that creates “zaps” (think: action/trigger steps) between two other softwares. It is a paid software but I think the automation it creates (and therefore, the time it saves) makes it oh so worth it.

So how does it work? Zapier can create “actions” inside of Trello based on “triggers” that happen inside Dubsado. For example, let’s say you want more organization around the pieces of your workflows that require you to mail things to your clients. You could create a new board in Trello and have a list for all clients who need to be sent their welcome magazine. Rather than manually adding names to this list, you could create a Zap that look like this:

Trigger: Client signs contract. >> Action: Create a new card on “Needs welcome guide” list name CLENT FIRST AND LAST NAME (pulled from Dubsado)

Now when any lead signs their contract (officially making them a client), their name will appear on your “Needs welcome guide” list in Trello. You can set one day a month when you go to this list and mail out your guides and quickly see who all needs one. Let me show you in Trello:

Each of these lists has white boxes called “cards.” If you’re unfamiliar with Trello, you can actually open these up and load them with tons more info. But if you want to leave them blank and just use them to make a list, you can do that too.

This trigger/action step just skims the surface of all that is capable when you integrate Dubsado and Trello. As you can see, the first list – New leads – has color labels added that could denote if a lead has been responded to, has scheduled a consultation, or has been sent a proposal, and ALL of this can be automated for you.

If you are new to creating streamlined automations in your business, I have a great resource for you and it’s FREE. It’s my Client Journey Guide and it will help you begin to map out a client process that will leave your customers raving! Grab it below!

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