Yeahhh. No. That's not really what you had in mind when you dreamed of owning your own photography business, is it?

I just         spending all my time chained to my laptop editing, uploading galleries and replying to emails.


Imagine this: it's the day after a wedding, you edit a few sneak peeks to send to your bride and then

close. your. computer.

One week later, you have a completely edited wedding ready to deliver. No more "I'm sorry your catalog is late!" emails for you!

You have a blog post up and ready to market your beautiful work and book more dreamy clients.

Automatic emails are being sent to your thriving email list and systems and workflows are in place to respond to all those inquiries.

Friend, this is what running a business should look like.

ready for a change?

"You sometimes have to spend money in order to make money.

When you run a thriving business, the more people you’re hiring and the more profit you’re making means that you are on a growth trajectory that not many people will reach because they’re so scared of outsourcing."

Katelyn James
Photographer and Educator

Hear it from the queen, herself

Hear it from
the queen, herself

Katelyn James, Photographer and Educator

We're Kayla & Eric.

We both have a background in business. Between Kayla owning several creative small businesses (most recently as a wedding photographer) and Eric growing a multi-million dollar logistics company, we've learned a ton about what it takes to grow a successful company. 

We started PhotogBFF to apply what we've learned and create a place where photographers can come and exhale, where they can shed the overwhelm and start living into the freedom they dreamed of when they set the goal of working for themselves.

We love REALLY good coffee, serving our team, and watching photographers win.

our signature service

Style-Matched Editing

Work 1:1 with your own personal editor who is trained in your style and at the ready when you import those SD cards and just want to put your feet up.

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customized to your needs

1:1 Strategy Call

Need help getting those skin tones perfect in Lightroom? Want to learn how to grow and nurture your email list? Hop on a power hour strategy call with Kayla and get your questions answered.

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customized to
your needs

done-for-you marketing

Blogging Strategy + Implementation

This service allows you to be the CMO of your business while we handle the writing and posting to your blog. We'll help you strategize keywords to target and write search optimized copy that will educate your clients and grow your biz.

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