But you spend a lotttt of your time editing.

You're an artist.

You're a creative.

You're a photographer .

Let's get you back to the fun stuff.

You're the artist.
You're the creative.
you're a photographer.

A 2019 study found that wedding photographers spend an average of
14 hours editing one wedding.

Four. Teen. Hours.
What could you do with all that time to better serve your clients, raise your prices, and grow your business?

maybe things like

Designing a client welcome magazine

Networking with
local vendors

Starting a podcast
with killer content

Spending more time with family

Reading a business
 book or two

Updating the portfolio
on your website

...and the list goes on!


I recommend your services to everyone I see in facebook groups looking for an editor! I truly am amazed at the quick response time and gallery turnaround. It truly shows that each image is gone through and hand adjusted before it gets back to me. It makes me sad people like myself have had such bad experiences with other editors and don't give anyone else the opportunity to help them with their edits!

Find out how so many photographers have ditched the endless editing hustle and found freedom and time to take their business to the next level.

i'm so ready!

Around here, we truly treat your business like it's our business.


Here are a few ways to know if we might be a good fit for each other...

You're looking for a one-on-one personal editor.
You plan to outsource at least 75% of your weddings and/or sessions.
You have a consistent style that you can replicate.

sound like you?
We can't wait to meet!

The same editor for every catalog

Our clients are matched with a personal editor who is trained in their style and available to edit all of their catalogs. Many of our clients have told us their editor feels more like a friend and that's just the way we like it.

There are a lot of private editors.
Why choose this one?

we're so glad you asked

We've created an online community for our clients to chat and offer advice or encouragement. Because, real talk - who couldn't use a few more biz besties to celebrate the wins, bounce new ideas off of and just join them in the journey?

our signature client experience

Just like Chick-fil-A, the details matter to us. We've curated a client experience that makes the process easy and leaves our clients feeling like a trusted friend has their back - because well, we do. From file sharing to feedback, we've developed a system that is easy to navigate and serves our clients really well. 




a community of like-minded biz owners

Also, word on the street is that there is almost always a SB gift card in there ;)

rates and add-ons

Global Adjustments

Local Adjustments

Preset Application, Cropping & Straightening, White Balance,
Tone Curve, HSL,
Color Grading, Etc.

0.39 per image

brushes, filters spot correction, etc.

0.40 per image

add on service

Ready to take back your time and grow the business of your dreams?

You might be wondering...

inquiry form + consult call

zoom call with your editor

on the schedule

Fill out our application and if we are a good fit, you'll begin the on-boarding process to become a client!

Next, we'll match you with your personal editor and set up a Zoom call to meet and walk through your process and preferences in Lightroom. We'll go over file sharing, providing feedback and more.

what's the process?

ready to get rollin?

After the call, you'll receive an email with  links to your editor's inbox, scheduler and your own file transfer URL. You're ready to start sending over those galleries!

Haley H.

"You blew my expectations out of the water and I was super excited, so that's really saying something! I was blown away by how close they were and very consistent!"

I've tried to outsource my editing and it was a nightmare. can you really match my style?

Here's what others have asked before working with us...

How do I send my raw images to you?

Do you offer a trial run?

I use _______ preset. Can you work with me?

Do you only serve wedding photographers?

I have more questions. how can i get in touch?


I've tried to outsource my editing and it was a nightmare.
can you really match my style?

Many of the photographers who reach out to us have tried other editing companies and unfortunately had a negative experience. Most of the time this was due to batch editing and the photographer having to do a lot of work once they received their finished catalog. We have created a signature process that allows our editors to replicate their client's style with very minimal, to no need to make any tweaks or adjustments. 

But it is just that - a process. Our clients understand when they on-board with us that it will take 2-3 catalogs for their editor to learn the little preferences and subtle adjustments that make up their unique style. Our editors are pros at Lightroom and are dedicated to making our clients happy. We just ask that our clients trust our process. 


How do I send my raw images to you?

We will not share actual RAW files, because they are far too big. We will instead share catalogs of Lightroom Smart Preview files. These are a tiny version of the RAW file that have the same look and editing ability. Don't worry if you've never used Smart Previews - we'll walk you through it step-by-step. For sharing the catalogs, you will have your own client folder on a private site that is used only by our team.


Do you offer a trial run?

We no longer offer trial runs, because we want our editors to have the opportunity to learn their clients style via the initial Zoom before attempting to edit in that style. However, we do have a guarantee that if you aren't happy with your first catalog after 2 revisions, you can walk away with a full refund. No hard feelings. 


I use _______ preset. Can you work with me?

Yes! We have clients who use Mastin Labs, KJ Preset Process, Kindred and many more. We also have clients who have created their own presets. We're happy to use any preset that you've purchased or created. We will go over this more in depth during your initial Zoom meeting.


Do you only serve wedding photographers?

Nope! Our clients are a mix of wedding and portrait photographers. Only do family photography? We've got you! Want to send your weddings AND your engagement sessions? Bring it! As long as you solely use Lightroom Classic to edit, we are happy to take them on!


I have more questions - how can i get in touch?

We'd love to chat with you! You can fill out our contact form here,
 or email Kayla anytime at kayla@photogbff.com!


We're Kayla & Eric.

We love REALLY good coffee, serving our team, and watching photographers win.

We both have a background in business. Between Kayla owning several creative small businesses (most recently as a wedding photographer) and Eric growing a multi-million dollar logistics company, we've learned a ton about what it takes to grow a successful company. 

We started PhotogBFF to apply what we've learned and create a place where photographers can come and exhale, where they can shed the overwhelm and start living into the freedom they dreamed of when they set the goal of working for themselves.

Remember, we only take a select number of new clients per quarter.
Think you'd be a good fit?

save my spot!